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Build your Custom

Overland Vehicle with us

Overland Imports is happy to Build the Overland Vehicle of your design.  We work hand in hand to Source, Plan, Restore and Deliver what you want from the types of Overland Vehicles that we can provide from around the World. 

Toyota Bandeirantes, Volkswagen Buses, 

and Land Rover Defenders 


We have established sourcing, restoration and export of these vehicles from Brasil to North America. Estimated time to complete is 120-150 days from start to delivery to your door.

We enjoy working with our Overland Customers to build them exactly what they want from custom leather interiors, specific engines, exterior paint colors and many accessories to create the

Highest Quality, Classic, Overland Vehicles that will come out of South America. PERIOD.


*Custom Builds can vary depending on various additions and specifications requested per customer.


Contact Daniel at:, call Daniel directly at +1-404-273-1082 or even use the chat window in the bottom right for more information.

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