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Currently, Overland Imports is North America's premier importer of Trucks from South America. In addition, we are constantly adding new sources of Overland Vehicles. 

We evaluate various global markets. This analysis includes their state of currency, stability, logistics capabilities and of course available access to high-quality Overland Vehicles which we will import into North America. We are constantly traveling the world looking for the best vehicles and parts in order make them available through our website and third-party affiliates.

Currently, we focus on Toyota Landcruiser/Bandeirante and Land Rover Defender vehicles but we have many dreams to expand our operation to other Overland Vehicles and parts.  We are currently building a line of clothing and accessories that you can purchase from our online store.  These are high-quality products that we enjoy using and wearing, which represent our mission for distributing high-quality Overland Vehicles and parts to our happy customers.

We are currently based in Atlanta, GA due to the best airport in the USA to travel almost anywhere in the world in 24 hours and also due to the proximity to the ports of Savannah and Charleston that can effectively handle our imports.

Daniel Barbalho

Half Brasilian and half Swiss and Atlanta, Georgia native, Daniel is always traveling the world in search of great Overland vehicles and business opportunities. Daniel handles the vision, brand and Sales for Overland Imports.


Thiago DeCastro

Born and raised in Brasil, Thiago is an absolute car guru with extensive experience in the Logistics of the Import/Export world and repairs in Overland vehicles.  Thiago handles all the Operations and assists in the Purchasing and Restoration process for Overland Imports. 


Antulius DeCastro 

Born and raised in Brasil, is a sourcing master for Overland Imports.  Always on the hunt in South America and beyond to bring our customers the best Overland vehicles.  Antulius handles all the Sourcing and Purchasing for Overland Imports. 


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