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Our team travels around the world, research markets and opportunities and develops partners in origin countries to acquire, inspect and perform repairs to ensure high-quality Overland vehicles for export to North America.



Overland Imports has established partnerships with Restoration shops in the origin countries that perform thorough inspections on every Overland Vehicle we acquire. This includes various photos of both the inside, outside of the vehicle, thorough inspections and all repair and restoration needs that we would like to perform. 


Per customer’s requests, we will install new wheels, tires and full suspension lifts to our imports to maintain a high level of quality and impressive look.




Overland Imports handles all export documents, taxes and various requirements per origin country. We work directly with global shipping lines to monitor the onboard vessel loading, transit and delivery of the Overland vehicles to North American ports.  


Finally, once the Vessel arrives in North America, we handle all import requirements, taxes, fees, DMV and title requirements and trucking to Atlanta or directly to you.

*Please note that these are used vehicles. Overland Imports and Top Car Motors LLC do not provide any warranty as these vehicles are sold AS IS.

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