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Lot #777.1  at Barrett Jackson, Houston Texas


Overland Imports delivers the finest VW Bus ever exported from Brasil.  Months of restoration that included workers, family members and a lot of heart and passion into this build.  We are extremely proud to be chosen by Barrett Jackson to be in the Houston Auction and to be in great company of so many other builders.  We at Overland Imports are extremely grateful. 


This 1975 Volkswagen Samba Type 2 has undergone a 12-month professional rotisserie restoration by well-known builder Overland Imports, and has been upgraded to a 23-window. The execution is to a high level of craftsmanship with attention to detail throughout. Nothing has gone untouched, and no expense has been spared on this bus. Finished in reverse two-tone colors with a black top and Lotus White bottom exterior over a white and gray interior. The bus features safari front and rear windows, three sets of pop-out windows on each side, a full center retractable rag top sunroof, double cargo side doors and seating for nine. Made of Brazilian wood, the front and rear roof racks and ladder provide for additional storage and really add to that classic VW charm. Powered by a 1500cc 4-cylinder engine mated to a 4-speed manual transmission, the complete drivetrain has been rebuilt, including the engine, transmission and transaxle. The engine was color-matched, and a graduated crank pulley was installed along with adjustable tensioner and generator pulleys to complete the clean look. A brand-new carburetor was installed along with a brand-new vacuum advanced electronic ignition distributor, ignition coil, spark plugs and wires for reliable spark and fuel delivery. The suspension, steering and braking systems have also been rebuilt with brand-new parts throughout. The electrical system was also completely redone, from the wiring harness to generator, voltage regulator and battery. This 23-window rides on body color-matched wheels with chrome hubcaps wrapped in whitewall tires.



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