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Overland imports release another incredible truck. This one took us about a year to build and is a full frame-off restoration. This is our 1992 OJ55LP2BL Bandeirante! This is our finest work and we touched every nut and bolt and rebuilt it from the ground up.



This is an OJ55LP-2BL, which is the technical codename for a long 2-door double cab pickup truck. Outside the new paint shows very well with no obvious signs of cracking, peeling, or rust bubbles. It was finished in Heath Gray and Ivory to retain the vintage look. OEM wheels were color-matched and were given new 235/85/16 BFGoodrich KO2’s. A channel front bumper was added to match the factory rear bumper. The front grille was slightly changed and features a square bezel with round headlights and custom honeycomb grille insert. All bolts are new, as are the glass and weatherstrippings all around.



Inside, originality was both retained and enhanced (if that’s possible). The seats, headliner, sun visors, dash pad, door cards, and shifter boots were all finished in saddle vinyl. Custom made floor mats with matching tan with saddle tan piping were added to the front and back. It is always refreshing to see full restorations in this manner, not overdone, just done to the perfect amount. Maintenance All belts, hoses, filters, seals, and gaskets are new. The engine, transmission, transfer case, differentials, hubs, and axles were all fully serviced and rebuilt to factory specs. The front brakes were converted to disc brakes and rear drums were rebuilt to factory spec as well. All wiring harnesses were redone, and all locking mechanisms and window regulators are new.


Model History

The well-known Toyota FJ40 Land Cruiser was produced from 1960 to 1984 and was Toyota’s best-selling model in the United States between 1961-1965. Unless you’re a regular in the I8HMUD forums or any other fanatic really into these trucks, you probably didn’t know that 1984 wasn’t really the last year of Land Cruiser J40. Surprised? Few realize that when FJ40 production stopped in Japan, production continued through 2001 in Brazil for what they have called the Land Cruiser for decades…the Toyota Bandeirante, a term taken from early Colonial Brazil meaning ‘explorer’ or ‘adventurer’.


Vehicle History

Overland Imports is proud to present this fully restored 1992 Toyota Bandeirante OJ55LP-2BL. This was a 1-owner vehicle until acquired by the restorer/seller here. It is powered by the original Mercedes Benz OM-364 4.0L Naturally Aspirated 4-cylinder diesel and geared to a 4-speed manual transmission with a 2H/4H/4L transfer case. This truck is currently located in Georgia with a clean clear title in the seller’s name. The Bandeirantes look nearly identical to the 40 series, but there were a few notable differences, particularly in the power train area. From 1962 through 1994, these trucks received some variant of the Mercedes diesel engine. This was later dropped in 1994 in favor of the Daihatsu made 14B diesel. As with many of the great vehicles we feature, they usually die a sudden death with changing emissions and/or safety laws. No different here, new Brazilian pollutant emissions restrictions in 2002 would bring it all to an end. The first Bandeirante rolled off of the Brazilian assembly line in 1959 and by the end of production in 2001, over 100,000 had been built though you won’t find many here in the States.


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1991 Toyota Bandeirante OJ55LP-2BL


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