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One of our excellent finds in Brasil, this 1995 Toyota Bandeirante has it all.  This truck is in incredible condition with no major flaws.  In addition, it has a stereo, Air conditioning and a fifth gear.  Also, in 1995, the Brasilian Toyota Bandeirantes introduced a new engine that is more powerful than its predeccesor. And finally, we went ahead and installed all new seats to keep the whole truck as fresh as possible.


We are extremely excited to bring this very rare and stunning example of a Brasilian born Landcruiser to North America. 


What is a Toyota Bandeirante?
- It is the Brasilian version of the Toyota FJ Landcruiser. They are actually called OJ models 1994 and before and called BJ models 1995 and newer.

What makes the Toyota Bandeirante unique?
- They made versions like this only in Brasil and nowhere else in the world. This version is the Double Cab with a Truck Bed.
- While the USA ended Toyota FJ production in the early 1980s, Brasil continued to make this style until 2007.
- The engines are Diesel engines instead of Gasoline. They have a strong low-end Torque. Engines up to 1994 were actual Mercedes Unimog Engines stock. Incredible Engines.
- Overland sources extremely low mile and newer Models than you can find from any USA born FJ Landcruisers.
- THESE TRUCKS ARE EXTREMELY RARE IN NORTH AMERICA. THERE MIGHT BE UNDER 50 BANDEIRANTES TOTAL IN NORTH AMERICA, and Overland Imports is the Largest Importer and most knowledgable company restoring and importing these trucks.

1995 Toyota Bandeirante BJ55LP 2BL

SKU: 365236412345256
  • YEAR:    1995
    MAKE:    Toyota
    MODEL:    Bandeirante
    BODY STYLE:    Double Cab Metal Bed
    VIN NUMBER:    9BRBJ0080R1003636
    ENGINE CODE:    14B
    NUMBER CYLINDERS:    4 Cylinders
    HORSEPOWER:    98 hp
    TORQUE:    177 ft/lb 
    TRANMISSION:    Manual - 5 Speed
    KMS:    1,075
    MILEAGE:    668
    OUTSIDE COLOR 1:    White
    OUTSIDE COLOR 2:    Black
    INTERIOR COLOR 1:    Gray
    INTERIOR COLOR 2:    Black

  • Please note that these are used vehicles. Overland Imports and Top Car Motors LLC do not provide any warranty as these vehicles are sold AS IS.

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