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Our Overland Imports Serpentine Belt System is perfect for high reving engines and the Red, Blue, Silver or Black Anodized finish adds a unique, custom look. The kit is easy to install, the serpentine belt is easy to adjust and it runs quiet and smooth.


The crank pulley is polished with timing marks and the serpentine belt kit fits 1300 to 1600cc based Type 1 and 2 engines. Additionally, the pulley sizing offers a little more cooling power driving the fan more than stock sized crank pulleys.  


In addition, our kit includes the Tensioner. 


Kit includes:


• Alternator/generator pulley

• Crankshaft pulley

• Tensioner pulley assembly

• Belt


Volkswagen engine applications:







•Billet Anodized Aluminum 

•Alternator pulley:  95mm or 3.75”
•Crankshaft pulley: 172mm or 6.77”
•Continental Ribbed belt included

•Standard diameters, all you need to do is remove OEM pulleys and install.

Volkswagen Serpentine Graduated Pulley System with Tensioner included


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